Get clients in 4x cheaper. Without any ads.
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Shorten the way to your clients - get targeted requests direct to your smartphone. XXI century - is the time of ultrafast communications. Hot request - hot reply - deal!
New marketplace
Hot reply!!
Reply quickly, communicate openly and friendly, without any formalities, using emoji and photos.
Register a business account in AskinChat and get requests from NEW CLIENTS from across the country in your application.
Hot request!
Make deals on agreed terms, get money, high rating and best reviews.
AskinChat Formula of Success
A client types a request in one line, sets the radius and click 'Search' on the main screen of AskinChat
AskinChat intellectual system chooses instantly suitable sellers and sends them the client's request in the form of a message
You receive a request in the form of a push notifications. If it's interesting for you - just reply to the client in the app.
You are already in touch
How do your clients find you in AskinChat?
⏱ 00:00:12
⏱ 00:00:01
⏱ 00:00:45
No need to search and call all sellers. One request to AskinChat and sellers will offer their product or service.
You can reply to messages when it's convenient. Even when the baby fell asleep or during a meeting.
The search for goods and services takes an average of 30 minutes a day. In AskinChat - just a few seconds.
All sellers are in touch
Messenger is better than calls
Saving time
Why do clients choose AskinChat?
Using AskinСhat for business, you save money, nerves and most importantly your time.
You do not need to "hunt" for the client –– just turn on PUSH and select a request that interests you.
Do not be disturbed by calls. Answer in the chat as the opportunity will appear. Just as you used to, with smiles and photos.
You get all requests for free. Not sure if it's your client? Specify - the first message is free. An interesting client? Pay once and communicate with him endlessly - the whole chat has already been paid.
Get all requests online
Communicate in online chat
Save money
Create a business account AskinChat
3 main features
to create an AskinChat business account
right now
It's free. It takes only three minutes.
Immediately after registering, your business account is active.
Choose a suitable first payment and get welcome bonuses for the first free chats.
Special price
Only € 0.5 or 37.50 rubles for the whole chat with a client. Communicate without any volume and time limits.
We collected frequently asked questions and prepared very detailed answers for them :)
Any questions?
We are in touch so that none of your questions remain without a solution! From help with setting up a business account to weather forecast - we know all.
We have the answers!
Customer support
Why do I need a new application to communicate with clients?
AskinChat is a NEW CUSTOMERS generator. These are not customers from your advertising, but users from the AskinChat application who like to find products and services in this way.
You receive a live client request as a message on your smartphone. You just have to answer in the chat.
And how does this differ from advertising?
You are a passive participant in the advertisement - placed an ad and waiting for a call. Everything is advertised, so advertising shows the customer hundreds of your competitors. And it is the client who needs to choose whom to call. In this case, the client does not know which of the sellers is guaranteed to help him, so everyone has to clarify the same thing. Brrrr ...

The client does not see you or your ad in AskinChat,. it looks as if the client has placed an ad himself. For example, 'We want an exotic pizza. There are seven of us.' And this ad you see, instantly. Now you are an active participant in the process: have something to offer - quickly reply to the client and make the deal!
Is one request sent to several companies at once or is there some priority?
There are no priorities in our system. Requests are sent by all companies necessary for the user in the specified radius. The reaction rate will allow you to be among the first.

For the convenience of clients, AskinChat shows blocks of five responding sellers. Strive to get into the top five. Because the client may not open the second one...
How much and for what I'm paying?
You pay only once for the communication with your client. To make sure that it's your client just ask any clarifying question - your first chat message with the client is free.

When you are sure that it's your client - keep communicating. 37.50 rubles will be charged from the balance with your second message - this is the payment for the whole chat with this client. The number of messages is unlimited. And the chat is open forever.
I do not have time to answer questions and inquiries of clients in a chat.
Just try, you risk nothing!
If there is time - reply and make a deal. And if you don't, then you don't lose anything - the application is free and the balance will not decrease until you respond to requests.

By the way, our lightweight app takes less than 10 MB of storage for Android and less than 25 MB for iPhone ...
Ok, you've almost convinced me. And what do I need to do with bonuses?
You can use bonuses for the payment of chats with clients. And first of all we'll charge your bonuses but not your money. Communicate with your first clients and experiment with your business account spending your bonuses - your money will not be charged.
And if I'll change my mind?
No problem. Just contact our support and we will return the money.
Just three minutes to create a business account and you're already receiving clients requests!
Choose your
welcome bonus
is available at the first deposit of your business account
+ 150 bonuses
start balance is 1 050 rubles

the first 4 chats are free*

2 500
+ 525 bonuses
start balance is 3 025 rubles

the first 14 chats are free*

5 000
+ 1 500 bonuses
start balance is 6 500 rubles

the first 40 chats are free*

turn on askinchat to maximum
Place a vacancy and get another 1000 bonuses to search for an employee
We do everything to reduce your business losses. You can receive applications from applicants as easily as from clients without leaving the AskinChat application.
Try this functionality at our expense - we will add another 1000 bonuses to your balance if you indicate your vacancies in your business account profile.
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* 'Get clients in 4x cheaper' — the difference is calculated according to the internal method of Askinchat company based on average values relative to "customer value", calculated averaged in the methodology of 'the sales funnel' using contextual advertising tools.
* 'The first charts are free ' — the number of paid dialogues of the seller with the buyer on the basis assessed bonuses at the rate of 37.50₽ per chat.
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